Hello, and welcome to my site. If you are out looking for anything beyond getting some information about me and my interests, I am afraid you will most likely be disappointed. This is just one of those personal sites that would probably be of interest to no-one but me and, possibly, people who I am friends with.

Based on past experiences, weblog I doubt these pages will be getting frequent updates. To see if anything has been happening around here recently, you can visit the weblog page:

Though I doubt anyone would be reading this far if they did not know my name, I think I will be thorough about it and introduce myself. My name is Lev Epshteyn. I have a tendency to write in run-on sentences that I usually let trail off into uncertainty... (Potential employers should note that this is not a quality that reflects on my character in a any way.) You can go see some pictures of me if you wish.

A little info about this site, since, quite frankly, I don't know what else to put here: all the pages were designed by me, the HTML done in a plain text editors (UltraEdit, Emacs and VI), and the graphics made by (you guessed it!) me in Photoshop, except for the eye. That was stolen from an image I had on my hard drive. I don't know where it came from, but if anyone can identify it, I'd be grateful. Some parts of the site, like the photo album, use simple scripts and those are written in Perl.

If you're confused about navigation, here's how it works: The little icons on top each lead to pages on the site. If you have a fourth generation browser or later, hold the mouse over an icon until the tooltip pops up to see where it leads, but I think most tof them are pretty easy to grasp. The big icon shows which page you're currently viewing. Some pages have sub-pages or external links shown on the sidebars of relevant paragraphs.

My latest project is flooble, a site where i plan to put a number of small web-programs, though maybe it will end up growing into something bigger. (Given past history, and the amount of free time that I am currently able to devote to such things this is not very likely at the present.)

Right now the site consists of the love/hate board which is a place for people to give their opinions on things that they feel strongly about. I also created a web-based note-pad, which lets you jot down notes to self on a webpage on the net somwhere, and a chatterbox, a small tool for people to leave each other short messages on a web page. Both of these can be embedded into any HTML page (even a static one). Freel free to go and check any of these out :)

More recently, I also added a section called flooble :: perplexus, an archive for various logical puzzles and brain teasers. Come check it out if you're into mind-flexing problems.

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