This is my weblog. Everybody else is getting a weblog, so why shouldn't I? I will update it when I feel like it. To view older posts, go to the archives.
6/28/2001 10:36:11 AM ...

Just added an ansi page with some of my early "creations".

I decided to do this when I saw the archive on www.ice.org, the site of the ansi group iCE that has existed from around 1990.

Converting ansi's for web display was more of a problem than I thought it would be. I could find no windows software to do this. and it was iCE to the rescue once again. Bob Copeland's page has a unix utility to convert ansi to gif or png format which came it pretty handy once I got it up and going on my server. (Look for it in the projects section of his page).

6/27/2001 09:38:05 AM ...

I decided to start this weblog because a lot of times I want to post some stupid stuff, but I am too lazy to write all the HTML necessary to make a levik.com box every time that happens. So I found Blogger. They do it for me. And after some acrobatics with their templates, I got the log to look just like the rest of the site. Cool, huh?..

Anyway, I don't expect too much posts here... but as a once in a while thing, it should be cool.


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