I have decided to release some of the flooble scripts under the GNU GPL. Feel free to grab them here.

A MineSweeper clone written in java. Play it in your browser if you have nothing better to do. Some functionality is still missing. Play it.

Time Sink the game.

Time Sink is a game I wrote as a final project in a Windows C++ programming class. It requires you to move colored balls around the board, matching them by color. I saw a similar game somwhere and decided to steal the idea.

The game is supposed to be unbeatable, though one of my friends claims to have cleared all the balls from the board once. Since there is no code to handle such an outcome, he was stuck and had to restart.

The game got its name after I have spent three hours straight "playtesting" it one night.
timesink.zip (~40k)

Realm of Magic the (really bad) game.

This game, written in Pascal during my junior year of High school, was a result of way too much free time on my hands. It was doomed for a failure from the start. The code was horrible, and it's a surprise to me that it got as far as it did.

I started out trying to write a role playing game, having just played Ultima 6. By the time the program reached around 2000 lines of code, it became unmanagable, and I decided to write in an ending, falling far short of the grand scope I aimed for.

The graphics, initially done by editing digit values in in-line two dimentional arrays, were later done using a homebrewn editor. I still shudder to think of that "user friendly" piece of software.
rom.zip (~60k)

more to come later. but don't hold you breath.
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