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3051 Ocean Ave, #C5
Brooklyn, NY 11235
www: http://www.levik.com
email: lev@levik.com
Objective: A young professional, looking to find a challenging position as a software developer with a company involved in internet development or electronic entertainment.
Languages Java (core, servlets, EJB, AWT, JAI, SWING); C/C++ (console, cgi, Visual); JavaScript; HTML; XML; Perl; SQL; PHP; ASP;

Platforms UNIX/Linux; Windows 95/98/Me; Windows XP/NT/2000; PalmOS; DOS;

Software Sun JDK; IBM Eclipse; EMACS; Metrowerks CodeWarrior; MS Visual Development Studio; Adobe Photoshop 5.x-7.x; GIMP;

Other Excellent communication skills
Highly artistic, experience in Graphics Design
Skilled at debugging/troubleshooting
www.levik.com; www.flooble.com; flooble :: perplexus

11/2001 -
Senior developer, Corsis Technology Services New York, NY
Designed, developed and maintained software projects for various Corsis customers.

Created a loan status system to streamline the process of mortgage handling by a large bank. The system was written in Java, and utilized servlet technology on the front end, connecting to an Oracle database server for storage. XML was used to achieve the greatest flexebility possible with the type and the amount of data to be stored. Additional programs were created to receive and consolidate data feeds from various other systems utilized by the bank.

Developed a part of a system designed to allow easy stock market research. Created using ASP and VBScript, the system allows users to log in and view various market and insider data based on their subscription level, with optional download into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Users are allowed to create favorite "watchlist" to save time typing, and to receive alerts. The application utilized a Microsoft SQL Server backend.

11/2000 -
Software developer, Aspen Marketing Solutions Inc. New York, NY
Designed developed and maintained a number of client Intra-Net, Extra-Net and Public web site applications, powered by various technologies from Perl scripts to Java Servlets and Apple WebObjects Applications.

Developed a reusable, extensible Java Servlet based architecture for rapid web application creation. Utilized the architecture in the implementation of a number of different web applications. The architecture handled configuration, database connectivity, object caching and template management, allowing the developer to focus on application-specific business logic.

Architected, programmed and maintained www.ro-tel.com, a promotional web site where visitors could register to receive weekly mailings, browse a recipe database and enter into sweepstakes. The site was written using Java Servlet technology and ran on a Linux server with Apache/JServ and MySQL.

Designed and developed Lead Reaper, a PalmOS solution for gathering marketing information in the field. The information was stored on a PalmVII organizer and later transmitted wirelessly to a central server which stored it in the database. The client code was developed for the PalmOS in C using CodeWarrior/Palm, while the server was programmed using Java Servlets. The application allowed clients to create custom surveys which were then encoded into PalmOS DataBase files for transfer.

04/2000 -
Java developer, Small World Media Inc., New York, NY
Developed components for a web-based game based on a multi-tier architecture that used Enterprise Java Beans, Java Servlet technology and Cocoon. The game's components generated information in XML format, which was later merged with XSL styles by Cocoon. The system provided complete separation of data and presentation.

Was involved in the development and refinement of the game data and object models. These models were later used as guidelines for EJB programming, as well as the templates for the XML code that was to be passed from middle-tier to front-tier servers.

Developed code for both the Beans on the middle tier and Cocoon producers on the front tier. Helped refine a Java class hierarchy to efficiently share resources and utilize services common to multiple Beans.

Created and integrated updates to the original game engine involving both bug fixes and additional functionality. Was responsible for the entire life cycle of such updates from the involvement in the design stages to the interaction with Quality Assurance.

06/1998 -
Java developer, Positive Software Corporation, Brooklyn, NY
Worked as a part of a team on the development of Site Studio, a web-based site builder. Was responsible for the image maker add-on to Site Studio that allowed on-the-fly image generation using a customer's colors, text and pictures. Used Sun's Java Advanced Imaging API to achieve flexibility and speed for the image maker.

Developed an E-Commerce enhancement for Site Studio that allowed the online stores to be made with the program. Programmed a hierarchical inventory manager that allowed unlimited levels of subcategories and items, and included support for cross sales and hot item sales.

Designed a framework for handling database-driven object persistence in Java servlets and used it as a foundation for developing a reusable user management system.

Developed a number of side projects, such as a full featured web counter service. The service allowed collection of web page access statistics.

09/1998 -
Independent research Endicott Johnson Co., Endicott, NY
As part of extracurricular program, worked closely with an IT representative of Endicott Johnson to develop a proposal for creating a full-featured e-commerce site for the company.

For final presentation, programmed a functional demo web-site using C++ for cgi scripts. The demo supported user management, catalog viewing and online ordering.

09/1996 -
State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY
Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Completed undergraduate program in three years.

References: Available upon request
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