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The image to the right is, of course, a bit dated. For some more up to date pictures of me and people I hang around with, check out the brand new photos section. Hope you like 'em. Now, on to some fun facts...

My name, as I've already mentioned, is Lev. I was born in 1979 in the capital of the then Soviet Union. For twelve years I had the distinct pleasure of living in the country of triumphant Communism. At that point, my family decided to seek better fortunes in the good old US of A, and moved to Brooklyn, NY. I studied for about two and a half years at a russian-jewish school before a lucky turn of events landed me in Edward R. Murrow High School in the middle of my junior year. Upon finishing High School, I wend to SUNY Binghamton, graduating in May of 1999 with a batchelors degree in computer science.

I am currently working at Aspen Marketing as a programmer on various web related projects. My previous job was as a Java programmer at SmallWorld.com where I annoyed my managers by proposing in-house modifications to relatively well established software. Prior to that, i was employed at Positive Software full time for almost a year, and did some contract work with them before then. (More on that in my resume.)

That does it for useless trivia.

The best bet for reaching me is email. While I had a number of addresses in the past, I have settled for lev@levik.com since I now own the domain.

I also have ICQ, where you can reach me as number 5222704. I try to be on ICQ whenever I'm online, so chances are good of you being able to find me there.

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