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eugene2001Photos from Eugene's birthday (Oct 2001). More will be added as I get them. europe1999Pictures from a trip to Europe, Yasha and I took in the summer of 1999 after my college graduation.
halloween2002bThe third annual Halloween party (2002) Biana's Pictures halloween2002lThe third annual Halloween party (2002) My Pictures
halloween2003Halloween 2003
photos available here
haloween2000Halloween 2000. We had a costume party at our apartment
haloween2001The second annual Halloween party at our house
(November 3, 2001)
homeImprovement2002Home improvements galore! See our new kitchen. (Does it remind you of anything?)
ksp2001fKSP - a russian guitar singer-songwriter music festival - held in upstate New York twice a year. These pictures were taken in October 2001. ksp2002sPictures from the KSP held June 8-10 2002. Supposedly, some four thousand people attended, though these pictures reflect a smaller group.
summer2001Pictures from the Summer of 2001. weddingboryanaThe wedding of Borya and Yana. This took place on June 15th 2002, in a catering hall somewhere in Long Island. Much fun was had by all in attendance.

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